Christmas with the Queen

Well, not exactly, but the Queen Victoria Mall in downtown Sydney is decked out for the holidays. At one point destined for the wrecking ball, this building was eventually converted to a high-end shopping mall… one of those kind where I probably wouldn’t want much of what was there, even if I could afford it. At least it’s free to walk around and look at the decorations!

Speaking of Christmas and the holidays, it’s been a bit odd getting used to Christmas in summer. As I write this, it is a sunny blue sky day and a pleasant 77 F (25 C) outside. I’ll probably head down to the beach later. While I’ll usually try avoid the commercialism and consumerism of the holidays, I do enjoy the spirit of the season. Having spent most of my life in the northern hemisphere, it’s hard to get into that spirit when you’re walking around in short looking at the decorations. It’s a lot different from Christmas last year. Not that I’m complaining… Where’s my beach towel?

Queen Victoria Mall

Christmas at Queen Victoria Mall

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