Really Annoying Character

2011 CalendarOnce again it seems that the new year is almost upon us. It’s not too late however to pick up your copy of my 2011 calendar. There are two versions: a cheap one and an expensive one. So head on over to and pick up one (or two) and enjoy some beautiful photography throughout the upcoming year. Yay!

Today’s Photo

It’s not commonly known, and I imagine the Australian Tourism Board would rather it not be known, but Australia has a real fly problem. Although mostly a problem for the interior of the country, they can be a annoyance in urban areas also. Smaller than a typical house fly, once they find you they don’t want to leave you alone, buzzing around your head and going for your eyes and nose. Argh! At least here in Sydney you’re usually only harassed by one at a time. Head out into the Outback this time of year and you’ll probably want to bring along a head net. At least they don’t bite, unlike a lot of other critters in this country.

Bug on a Leaf

Sitting in Green

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