Endings and Beginnings

As 2010 comes to an end, this past week also saw the end of an era in photographic history when the last roll of Kodachrome film was developed. Now, I don’t generally get too sentimental about such things, but there is a certain disappointment and sadness in watching film slowly die out.

I’ve fully embraced the new digital age of photography, and have little interest in going back to film. However, I grew up with film and old manual cameras and I believe it was a valuable learning experience that most people trying to learn photography today are missing out on. Sure, having the ability to instantly review your shots as soon as you take them can provide instant feedback that allows you to make quick adjustments. But I think having to learn with film, where the amount of photos you can take is generally limited by how much film you have, and for which you may have to wait for days to see how the images come out, forces you to think a bit more before about what you are doing before clicking the shutter. Moreover, the fully electronic controls of today’s cameras leaves the beginner a bit detached from what those controls are actually doing. When aperture is just a number on a screen rather than a physical dial on the lens, it’s harder to grasp the concept of what aperture is and its effect on how an image comes out. The new cameras allow a greater of people to experience the joys of photography but, in some ways, make it more challenging to learn some of the technical details.

But the world changes and we make adjustments and move on to greater things in the future. May 2011 provide you with wonderful opportunities to make some new beginnings!

Today’s Photo

Sydney Park reminds me in many ways of Gasworks Park in Seattle; rolling grassy hills, leftover industrial machinery, and a great view of the city. And a great place to watch the sun set. Click on the image to view it larger.

At the Park

The sun sets at Sydney Park.

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