Faith and People Power

When the People Have Had Enough

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the People Power revolution here in the Philippines which overthrew the Marcos regime and ultimately brought Corazin Aquino to power. The timing of this anniversary couldn’t be more appropriate considering the current events in the Middle East. The New York Times photography blog Lens is commemorating the event by presenting images by photographer Kim Komenich. Komenich revisited a number of leading figures who were instrumental in the revolution as part of a exhibition, Revolution Revisited.

Expressions of Faith

Recently photographer Steve McCurry posted a series of photographs entitled A Matter of Faith. David Sanger followed this up with a similar themed blog post, Images of Faith, and a suggestion for other photographers to do the same.

I’m not a particularly religious person myself, and one could easily call me a cynic. However, that doesn’t mean I am entirely uninterested in the subject, in part because of the immense role religion has played, and continues to play, in world history and events. If I have a leaning toward a particular religious faith, it would be Buddhism, although not so much as a religion than as a life philosophy.

Although nowhere near as striking as McCurry’s or Sanger’s images, here is a small collection of my photos that represent some of the various ways faith is expressed, through symbols and actions. A few have been shown here previously but most are new.

Many Mini Buddhas

Buddha statues - Kanagawa, Japan.


A man prays at a Buddhist temple - Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Painted Church

A mural on the wall inside St Benedict's Church - Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii.

Shadow of a Cross

A cross leaves a shadow on the outer wall of a church - Adelaide, Australia.

Door Detail

Religious iconography on a door at the San Agustin Church - Manila, Philippines.

Ceremony Prayers

Prayers at a Hindu ceremony - Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Santa Cruz Church

Santa Cruz church stands behind a mess of power lines and poles - Manila, Philippines.

Hand of Buddha

The hand of Buddha at a temple - Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.


Prayers - Tokyo, Japan

St Mary's Christmas

St Mary's Cathedral is lit up by projected lights during a Christmas celebration - Sydney, Australia.

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