Storm Over Naga

Occasionally I try to post something interesting or noteworthy that I’ve come across in the world of photography. I’m usually way behind on this stuff, though. True to fashion, today’s suggestion comes from way back in last November. Timothy Allen spent a year and a half traveling the world for the BBC documenting people and places for their project Human Planet. He kept a blog about his experiences on the BBC Earth website and for his last post he gave a compilation of his 40 favorite images from the project. There’s some great stuff there you might want to check out.

Today’s Photo

I went out one evening in Naga, in the Bicol region of the Philippines, to get some photos of this church as the sun was setting. As luck would have it, a lightning storm was moving through in the background. Well, actually it was close enough to get a bit of rain on me and I had to keep wiping the rain drops off the front of the lens. This was actually my first chance to try photographing lightning.

Storm Over Naga

Storm Over Naga - Naga, Philippines

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