Adrienne in a Meadow

Pretty much every smartphone these days has a camera built in. Some of the newer models actually produce rather decent results. For some reason it’s not easy for me to remember I always have a camera in my pocket, but when I do it can be quite fun to play with. I’ve never posted any of my iPhone photos here, although I should at some point. They usually just get posted to my personal Facebook page. Fellow blogger John Cornicello posted a series of iPhone photos on his blog a week or so ago. As usual for John, he produced some fun and creative images.

Today’s Photo

I don’t do a lot of portrait photography, but the other day I did some family photos for some good friends who will have a new member of the family by the time you read this. (Congrats, Jason and Amy!) You can see the rest of this series at my Facebook photography page.


Adrienne - Kubota Gardens, Seattle

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