Nabuntulan Falls

Craft & Vision has a new ebook out, (micro)STOCK: From Passion to Paycheck, by Nicole S. Young. I promote the Craft & Vision products here because I like their products: beautiful, informative and inspirational ebooks at bargain prices. I do make a small commission when someone buys an ebook through my site here, but it’s honestly not much, not even enough to buy a tall drip coffee at the Starbucks, and certainly not enough to sell my soul or credibility over.

With that in mind, I have to say that this new ebook is probably one of their weakest offerings, at least of the ones I’ve read. If you’ve already dabbled in the microstock world, this ebook will be of little value to you. If you haven’t but are considering it, this might provide a bit of useful background information, but I found it to be lacking in providing a lot of practical help. Too much filler, not enough substance. But if you’re interested, go ahead and buy me half a tall latte! You can get if for a buck off the usual $5 price is you use the code MICRO4 before 11:59pm PST June 11, 2011.


Today’s Photo

This post is late as I’ve been busy my last few days in Taipei. It would have been later but my flight from Taipei to Soul was delayed. My first time flying with Asiana Airlines and they’re not scoring points. At least the airport has free wifi and I’m able to complete this blog post.

This waterfall is in a National Park near the Philippine city of Naga. I was lazy the day I went there and didn’t bring my tripod. I was able to improvise, however, and came away with what I think is a decent waterfall photograph.

Nabuntulan Falls

Nabuntulan Falls - Isarog Nat'l Park, Philippines

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