The Little Temple

Craft & Vision Updates

The latest Craft & Vision ebook is out. A rather specialized title this time, Your Creative Mix: Growing Your Photography Business Through Creativity and Collaboration, is “an in-depth look at the value of growing your passion for art, honing your creative skills, and finding new ways to connect and share with likeminded people as a way to grow your photography business.” The first half of this rambling tome is a discussion of ways to maintain your creativity while dealing with the more mundane aspects of running a photography business, many of which have the tendency to sap your creative juices. The second half is devoted primarily to the collaborative process, the importance it has in today’s marketplace, and some exploration on making the collaborative process work.

I found the book to be rather long-winded and there’s little if any discussion of photography in this ebook. As such it will probably be of little interest to most of my readers. For those of you who are photographers yourself, amateur or otherwise, you may be more interested in the first two Craft & Vision ebooks, TEN and TEN MORE. Some of the more popular Craft & Vision titles, each one is devoted to ten ways in which you can improve your photography without buying any new gear. Although they don’t have any new content, these two ebooks have been updated with a new look that is more in line with the rest of their catalog. Check them out!

Exciting News

While I encourage you to support the Craft & Vision products, what I’m more excited about is my own ebook which will be coming out in the next week or two. Stay tuned to find out more in the coming days!

Today’s Photo

The temples of Taiwan come in many sizes. The Temple of Enlightenment which I presented in my previous post, was probably the largest of the temples that I visited in Taiwan. This little temple here, just a few minutes walk from the Temple of Enlightenment was one of the smallest. I have no clue what the name of it was and I don’t think there were any English translations anywhere in the place. Check back for the next post where I’ll show you what it looks like inside.

The Little Temple

The Little Temple - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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