Details in the Temples

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Today’s Photos

One can easily tire of touring temples in Taiwan, and after a while they can all start to look the same. Temples of the various religions often have a similar architecture and style. For me, much of the interest in exploring them was in the many little details. The Buddhist and Taoist temples were sometimes overwhelming with their over-the-top styling but the Confucius temples were no less compelling for their starkness. Here’s a selection of images highlighting some of the details of temple architecture that I found interesting.

Window into the Temple

Window into the Temple - Tainan

Door Pulls in the Temple

Door Pulls in the Temple - Kaohsiung

Temple Detail

Temple Detail - Tainan

Temple Entry

Temple Entry - Tainan

Temple Wall Carving

Temple Wall Carving - Taipei

Temple Lanterns

Temple Lanterns - Danshui

Army of the Temple

Army of the Temple - Danshui

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