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The Ximending district is Taipei’s answer to Tokyo’s Shibuya, a busy shopping and entertainment area popular with the young and fashionable. Small shops and restaurants line the narrow streets and alleyways, teeming with trendy youth. Typical of many shopping districts the world over anymore, local food and fashion is interspersed with the usual Western chain outlets. Have no fear, a Starbucks is near. The bright lights and mass of people can be entertaining for a while but if you are not into shopping and crowds, it can also quickly become a bit overwhelming.

Although it doesn’t compare with Shibuya in size, this is certainly an area you’ll want to check out if you’re visiting Taipei. And if you tire of the bright lights and noise, you can step into the small Tin Hau temple for a quiet respite.


Ximending - Taipei, Taiwan

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