Under the Aurora Bridge

I have a guest post on the popular travel blog foXnoMad with 5 ways to take better sunset photos while traveling. There’s also a great review of my ebook Capturing the Journey over at Heather on Her Travels. There’s also another nice review at Twenty-something Travel.

Today’s Photo

Seattle’s Aurora Bridge on Highway 99 passes over the neighborhood of Fremont and the ship canal. Although it’s officially called the George Washington Memorial Bridge, no one ever refers to it by that name, and most locals probably don’t even know that’s its name. (I didn’t until I researched it for this blog post.) Dedicated in 1932, it’s been one of the most ‘popular’ jumping off points for those desiring to end it all until recently when suicide barriers were erected. Also among its storied history is an incident that occurred shortly after I moved to Seattle in the 90’s where a crazy person shot a bus driver as he was crossing the bridge causing the bus to careen through the guardrail and crash to the streets below, killing several passengers. Even so, it remains a photogenic structure.

Aurora Bridge

Aurora Bridge - Seattle

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