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It’s that time of year when every media site starts posting Best of… lists for the past year, for everything from books to political stories to the Top 10 pan flute albums of the year. Since I have a sometimes annoying habit of thinking I have to do what everyone else is doing, I thought I’d post some of my top images from the past year. There’s no real basis for selecting this particular group of images. Best of… lists are almost always subjective, and I have no way of knowing or measuring which ones my viewers have enjoyed the most, therefore my list is simply some of my favorites that I picked out from blog posts for 2011.

I hope you enjoy going back through these and maybe you’ll see some you missed the first time I posted them.

Taiwanese Folk Opera

Taiwanese Folk Opera - Taipei


Adrienne - Kubota Gardens, Seattle

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

School Morning

Boys are lined up outside school in the morning - Puerto Galera.


Classic - Puebla, Mexico

Lost in Prayer

Lost in Prayer - Longshan Temple, Taipei

On the Plaza

On the Plaza - Taipei

Filipino Village Girl

Filipino Village Girl - Montalban, Rizal, Philippines

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