The Lobby

The Passports with Purpose fundraiser is continuing, although time is running short for you to contribute and bid on a fabulous gift. A number of bloggers are giving away Kindles (I love mine!), including the new Kindle Fire. There is also a great selection of hotel packages – some worth a significant amount of money – which you can bid on for a donation of just $10. Unfortunately, the donations are not coming in as hoped. As you can see below, they have a ways to go to reach their goal of $80,000 by Dec. 16th. Considering all the consumer craziness that occurred on Black Friday, just to buy cheap waffle irons, surely you can spare $10 to help build libraries for children in Zambia (and a chance to win an awesome prize!)

Today’s Photo

My previous post was a detail photo of the exterior of the Teatro (theatre) Principal in Puebla, Mexico. Today’s photo is of the interior lobby of the building. Although the lobby was wide open for anyone to walk into, the rest of the theatre was closed so I have no idea how interesting it might have been.

The Lobby

The Lobby - Puebla, Mexico

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