The sun goes down…

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As you may or may not have noticed, this blog has been pretty quiet lately. I’ve been doing this on a regular basis, at times almost daily, for a number of years now. I can look back through the images I’ve posted and see a steady progression in my skill level, although I’m not anywhere near where I would like to be. I cringe looking at some of the images I’ve posted, though. What was I thinking…?

I feel it’s time to take a break now. I need to regroup and refresh, so I’ll be putting this blog on hiatus for a while. I’ll be back, maybe sometime after the first of the year, maybe with a new format or a new direction. Until then, keep an eye on my Facebook Page as I’ll occasionally be posting an image there. And don’t delete the bookmark to this page, as I’ll be returning to the same place. Thanks for your support!

Over the Rocks

Over the Rocks - East Point, Darwin, AU

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