Moving Out to Sea

I’m back with a new post. I’m still working at getting my creative juices flowing again and I’m hoping to do a major update to this site over the next couple months with a possible change in direction. I’m still working out what that direction will be but until then I’ll try to get a new post up with at least some regularity.

This time of year around the Northern Territory, large thunderstorms will come through, crashing and bashing and generally putting on a good show. I love storms and a good thunderstorm has some real drama, but they can be hard to capture. Putting yourself out there to try and do so can also be freaky. When a lightning bolt arcs through the clouds above you and a tuft of your hair pops up in response, you have to wonder if, just maybe, you’re not in the best location at the moment.

Moving Out to Sea

Moving Out to Sea - Casuarina Beach

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