Quiet At the End of the Day

Australia is, of course, surrounded by water and most of the major cities are located on the coast. Darwin (NOT as major city) is likewise located on the coast, but unfortunately swimming in the tropical waters here is not recommended. In part, this is due to crocodiles lurking about, but it’s also because of stingers, poisonous jellyfish that come around and cause havoc for about half the year. Some people do go in the water and most survive, but in reality it’s not great swimming here because in most places it’s too shallow and there’s very little surf. You have to wade out a long way to reach swimmable water. So to make up for it, the City of Darwin has several options for folks where it’s safe to swim. This is one of them: the wave pool at the Darwin waterfront. Of course, during the day it’s a lot busier than this.

Calm at the Wave Pool - Darwin Waterfront

Calm at the Wave Pool – Darwin Waterfront

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