The Top of Wangi Falls

The first time I went to Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park, I opted not to do the short hike to the top of the falls. I had already walked a lot that day and instead went for a swim with several hundred other people in the huge pool at the base of the falls. This trip to the park, the pool was closed to swimming due to it being the wet season and therefore a potential for crocodiles to make their way up to the falls. In reality, this has been one of the driest, if not the driest wet season on record, so the chances of crocodiles was probably slim. Regardless, since a swim was not an option I went for the short hike to the top of the falls instead. You can’t actually see the falls from the top since the trail is back inland a ways. Although a nice hike, it was rather hot and sticky and a swim would have been a pleasant ending.

Top of Wangi Falls

Top of Wangi Falls – Litchfield National Park, Australia

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