Pat’s Lookout

So this is where I spent my birthday a week or so ago. Well, at least the sunset part of the day. Pat’s Lookout, overlooking the Katherine River in Nitmiluk National Park, Australia, is about an hour and a half walk into the park. Considering the sun was setting when I took this it may be obvious that I did a good portion of the return walk in the dark. I had a flashlight (or torch, as they are called in this part of the world) but the trail was rough and rocky. I managed to make my way out safely, though. The trippy part turned out to be the tiny blue gems scattered frequently along the ground of the trail reflecting back in my light. Curious, at one point I stopped and examined one more closely. Bending over and pointing my light at it and… SPIDER!! Yikes! The blue ‘gems’ I was seeing was my light reflecting in their eyes. I was swerving drunkenly all over the trail to avoid them after that.

Pat's Lookout - Nitmiluk National Park, Australia

Pat’s Lookout – Nitmiluk National Park, Australia

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