Timelapse: Mindil Beach Little India Festival

I’ve been experimenting with doing some time-lapse recently. Although I’ve played around with it a bit, video is something I haven’t really delved into much. It really takes a different mindset and you have to change your way of looking at things. So far, I’ve preferred to stick with learning one craft. Time-lapse is more like photography however, like a picture that moves. The basics of creating a time-lapse are really not that difficult, either. Unfortunately, like many things in photography, time-lapse is a bit trendy right now. But I don’t feel that because something is trendy you should let it stop you; you just have to do your best to make it your own.

This short clip is of the crowd at the Little India Festival at Mindil Beach in Darwin. I’ve taken a few time-lapses around Darwin which I was thinking of compiling into a longer clip, but the subjects are so different that I’ve decided it would be too hard to pull any kind of story out of it and it would just feel too disjointed. So, I’ll probably just post a few more of them here or on Facebook and Google+. (Unfortunately the video seems to have lost much of its clarity and vibrance on upload.) And I’ll definitely be doing more time-lapse in the months ahead.

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