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Rustic, at Fisherman’s Wharf

On a walk-a-bout while in San Francisco for a few days, I came across this rustic looking building near Fisherman’s Wharf.

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Rustic - San Francisco, California

Rustic – San Francisco, California

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On the Street Corner

I’ve mentioned before how difficult I find it to be to ask strangers if I can take their photo. Today I came across a post at JPG Mag about Danny Santos II, a photographer in Singapore, who managed to get over his fear of approaching strangers and complete a personal project of photographing 100 strangers on the street. Check out his work; despite his own trepidation, he’s succeeded in getting some great street portraits.

Today’s Photo

In general, I don’t do a lot of street photography. One of these days I do hope to get over my own fear of approaching strangers and completing a similar 100 portraits project. Until then, I’ll just continue with the surreptitious approach to street photography, as seen here on the streets of San Francisco.

On the Street Corner

On the Street Corner

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The Dragon Gate at Chinatown

Reportedly the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, and the oldest in America, the San Francisco Chinatown is a great place to spend a few hours wandering around. This gateway arch, known as the Dragon Gate, is supposedly the only ‘authentic’ Chinatown gate in North America built to traditional Chinese gateway standards with stone columns and green tiled roof.

Chinatown Gate

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Streets of San Francisco

Chinatown in San Francisco, US of A.

Street of San Francisco

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