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Merlion Valentine

Today’s Photo

It’s taken me a bit longer than expected to get back here to the blog. I’ve been traveling in Singapore and Malaysia for the past several weeks and between meeting up with friends in Singapore, moving from place to place in Malaysia, and an unusual dearth of internet connectivity in a number of places, the posts just haven’t happened. But I’m back, and just in time for everyone’s favorite romantic holiday: Valentine’s Day! (It’s unlikely I’ll get a February wallpaper out at this point. Apologies to those of you waiting for one. I’ll try to do better for March.)

The Merlion at Marina Bay in Singapore is an odd bit of statuary artistry which likely leaves many wondering what it’s all about. Well, according to Wikipedia, a merlion is a Malay mythical creature with the body of a fish and head of a lion. The merlion has become the national ‘personification’ of Singapore, where the fish represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village and the lion head is a symbol representing Singapore’s original name, Singapura, which means lion city. In any case, it’s a popular tourist spot: if you come to Singapore, you have to see the Merlion. And here, in recognition of the sappy lovey-dovey day known as Valentine’s Day (thank you Hallmark), is a young couple getting a bit fresh in front of the Singapore Merlion.

Merlion Valentine

Merlion Valentine - Singapore

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Double Timing (or Enjoying the View)

Today’s Photo

Now, I’m sure none of you have ever done this as you’re walking down the street.

Double Time

Double Time - Sydney, Australia

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The Intersection

I’m off for several days of hiking and camping in the Blue Mountains, about an hour and a half west of Sydney. It’s looking like I’ve got a good three day window between the weather. We haven’t had the rains they’ve had up north where all the flooding is occurring, but it’s still been an overly damp and gray start to the summer. (I’m sure I haven’t written about this before.) I’m rather bored with it all but I do try to console myself with the fact that it isn’t flooding here, nor is it painfully cold.

Today’s Photo

Here’s a long exposure shot of night-time traffic in the Sydney central business district during the busy Christmas shopping season. Click on the image below to view it bigger.

The Intersection

Car Lights at a Sydney Intersection

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Watching the Ticker

What is the definition of being poor? Apparently these days it’s not owning a flat screen TV. A local television station recently ran a promo for their holiday season charity program of providing for ‘disadvantaged’ and ‘needy’ local families whose apparent ‘need’ included piles of toys, electronics, and of course, the ubiquitous flat screen TV. So western society has evolved to the point where, along with food, water and shelter, we now consider a flat screen to be a basic need. Yay!

I’m not going to rant any more about Christmas consumerism and over-consumption than this, but if you are looking for an alternative this year and would like to help someone who is truly in need, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has compiled a good list of small charitable organizations that could use your help.

Today’s Photo

It was about 8:30 at night when I saw this man standing alone in Martin Place, part of Sydney’s business district. He stood there for almost two minutes watching the news ticker, giving me plenty of time to make some quick settings adjustments on my camera and get off several shots. For you camera geeks, this was shot hand-held with an ISO of 3200. Click on the image for a larger view.

Watching the Ticker

A Man Watches the News Ticker in Martin Place

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Everyone’s Gone Home

This abandoned machine shop is in the process of being ‘renovated’. Located on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbor, the shop was part of a large industrial site used for ship building. The island is now a park and improvements are being made to many of the buildings to provide an educational experience for visitors to the island. Much of the old equipment is still sitting where it was left. Not all the buildings are accessible but several are open for the public to walk through, even while renovations are ongoing. This would be a great place for doing portraits in an urban/industrial setting.

Abandoned Machine Shop

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